Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cube by Michael Whetzel

Caution: This review may have some spoilers.

Have you ever wanted to live more than one life, say two or three lives, all at the same time? To be able to choose not just one path, but to be able to see the possibilities for all paths you would have liked to take? To be by the side of your great love always, while also living the life of an astronaut in space? To be seeing amazing wonders, while also devoting your life to serving your fellow man?

Well, my friends, the Cube will take you there.

This is an amazing story of a simple man who found a seemingly nondescript cube. He takes it home, and soon discovers that he has come by a really great gift: the gift to choose more than one path in (and out of) this world. Using alien technology, tons of scrap metal, and a whole lot of guts, Curtis discovers that adventure awaits in almost every corner. The only question is: is he honestly prepared to take in the real consequences of his great journeys?

I was easily taken in by this novel. It has just the right elements to give me sci-fi thrills (from space travel mechanics to otherworldly lifeforms), while also giving me a nice on-the-ground feel of love and fellowship. Masterful storytelling has been done to take me to new heights, and it has provided me with something very fresh, something different.

This may be a topic tackled by one science fiction writer or other, but the way Michael Whetzel has made it is just ingenious and nothing short of awesome. I applaud this work, and it has made me truly a fan of Whetzel's writings.

If you're up to it, take the time to examine the cube. Dare to take that first step into a world of so many possibilities.

Cube by Michael Whetzel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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