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A Tub of Jellybeans [ Aenna ]
A sentimentalist bookworm. She grew up reading Aliwan comics, and Sweet Valley High in her teenage years. Her first storybook is Thumbelina. Currently, she resides in a 7-storey tower, waiting for her Tom Hansen.

Blotted Pages [ Rollie ]
Why Blotted Pages? But I want to be asked first why Blotted. Well, simply because blot represents pen and writing. And why Pages? It's because it represents books. Summing up, it's writing about books.

Book Rhapsody [ Angus ]
This blog does not seek to be a blog about professional book criticism; it seeks to share the thoughts, views, insights, opinions, experiences, and lessons that I was able to gather during and after reading the books that are blogged about. Thus, it is a blog that ultimately aims to increase the reading activities of people.

Bookish Little Me [ Monique ]
I was intrigued. And because I found that I had nothing to do then and a lot of time on my hands, I sat down to read it, and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

Code Name: Blue [ Alexa ]
This is part of my 2012 project: to review anything I read, watch, and listen to this year.

Dark Chest of Wonders [ Jzhun ]
This gloomy alley is where he mostly rant and rave about books that delighted him, moved him, disturbed him, angered him, provoked him, mocked him, taunted him, shattered and explode his brain into smithereens....

Fanarchist [ Kristel ]
She has a soft spot for crime literature, real-life mysteries, and clever ways to dispose of corpses.

Guy Gone Geek [ Aaron ]
I’ve chosen Guy Gone Geek as my blog title because 1. I’m a guy 2. also a geek and 3. the books I will review or feature here are mostly about guy-friendly books. If you’re a lazy person like me, you can call my blog simply 3G. However, if you’re feeling totally nerdy, you can call it G³. *big grin*

In Lesbians With Books [ Tricia ]
Not a lesbian.

One More Page [ Tina ]
I’m a fairly talkative person so most of my reviews are long and personal, because I try to find the book’s connection in my life.

Reading is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac [ Maria ]
reads passionately for the sake of keeping herself sane. and happy. and romantic.


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